Our Experience

Global Nomad delivers innovative and creative solutions to clients. We strive to provide everything that will help you complete your project and reach your full potential. We have –

  • Over 10 years experience with local experts in the Tibetan regions of Central Tibet, Yunnan, Sichuan, Gansu and Qinghai provinces.
  • An international team with Tibetan staff and extensive local knowledge and field experience.
  • A multi-lingual team (Tibetan – Lhasa & Amdo dialects, Chinese, English, French).
  • Well-established and dense local networks.
  • Expert knowledge of legal constraints and a stable relationship with local authorities.
  • Geographical proximity of two local offices in Lhasa and Chengdu.
  • Over six years experience supporting responsible businesses.
  • Creation of the Global Nomad Label to further develop ethics, best practice, and principles of fair trade across multiple sectors.
  • Creation of the Global Nomad Network as a supported and interconnected system for local entrepreneurs, job seekers, business initiatives and other cultural and social projects.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Global Nomad strives to achieve and maintain high standards of corporate integrity and ethical behavior in all aspects of business. We wish to develop business relationship with companies who share the same values.

Ethical Values

  • A value according to which a company should consider the needs and interests of multiple stakeholders who affect or are affected by the company’s actions and decisions in both economic and non-economic ways.

Professional Values

  • Abiding by one’s commitments.
  • Abiding by important national and international legal requirements.
  • Making constant efforts to improve quality of products and services.
  • Ensuring effectiveness and efficiency of company operations and management systems.

Our Team

Marion Chaygneaud-Dupuy

Founder & CEO

Marion has lived and worked in Lhasa for over 14 years. After studying Tibetan language at Tibet University, Marion participated in various projects relating to health and education and since that time completely mastered the Tibetan language. In 2008, she started Global Nomad in order to support the need for growth in entrepreneurship in the region. Marion is based in our Lhasa office.

Catherine Serret

Director, Responsible Travel

Graduated in International Business Management, Catherine has a working experience in business. For over 15 years, Catherine has lived in China and speaks fluent Mandarin. Her love for the Tibetan world brought her gradually to settle down on the Tibetan plateau at the heart of nomadic regions. Catherine is now based in our Chengdu office.

Namchen Sre

Sales Manager, Responsible Travel

Namchen is a local Tibetan from Kakug, Amdo graduated in Tibetan Literature. Thanks to his previous experience as a tour guide, he has a great deal of knowledge of Tibetan areas and the travel business sector overall. He loves adventure and of course, Tibetan culture with a particular talent and interest in music and dance. Namchen is based in our Chengdu office.